Our Vision

National Ship Chandlers’ primary objective is to maintain the highest standards of quality and service in South Africa, and consequently uphold its reputation as the country’s time-honoured ship supplier of choice. In accordance with the rules of ISO9001 (2000), National Ship Chandlers’ Management and staff, facilitated by our Quality Planning and Operations Division, are committed to customer satisfaction and exceeding customer needs and expectations worldwide.

“Our primary goal is to first provide our clients with the highest standards in quality and service, and then maintain these standards throughout the relationship in order to provide them the consistency they require, and deserve.”

CEO: J.M. Joannou

Our Mission

Understand and meet customers’ needs by keeping up to date with current industry trends
Provide first-class leadership and establish vision, direction, and shared values among staff
Create a healthy internal environment where the staff is actively involved and motivated
Manage our resources and service activities effectively to ensure that the desired result is achieved
Continually improve our Quality System in-line with ISO 9001, through measurement & evaluation
Continually assess our service and systems to identify areas for potential improvement
Ensure factual and effective decisions are made through the analysis of valid data and information
Form mutually beneficial long-term relationships with suppliers to enhance value in our offerings

CEO: JM Joannou
IMS Policy manual

Should you wish to see our IMS Policy manual please click on the following link : Download IMS Policy manual [116KB]