Cruise Liners

Destination Sophistication

“Allow us to help appease the sophisticated palate of your guests, and cater for the international flavour that is themed on-board.”

Equipped with the vital knowledge and resources we have obtained through our 70+ years in the ship supply industry, our employees have always been committed to sourcing the best quality products/provisions quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. What truly distinguishes us from other ship suppliers is our unique cruise liners’ service division, which has been running successfully for over 20 years. We have a comprehensive understanding of the highly specialised demands of a passenger liner, which extends beyond just quality of products, as it is a very service driven niche. As a division on its own, we are able to give each Liner our full attention.

We understand your needs… And we have the ability to cater for them!

We understand
The time limits and pressure of loadings faced by cruise liners, and we have the capacity to deal with emergency port orders – we supply a personal service to assist our customers, even after hours if necessary.

We understand
The quality of the food and provisions these ships require, and we have the culinary knowledge and experience to cater for it. From specific vintage wines, to French cheeses, fresh berries, specialized dietary specifics, and fresh flowers. There is no limit to what can be catered for. We source and supply what you need so you can focus on the core issues of your business that you enjoy. We also understand the importance of sourcing the freshest provisions across the spectrum. Therefore, we also specialize in flying in fresh produce, or any fresh provisions, to meet cruise liners in nearby ports such as East Africa; Madagascar; Seychelles and Mauritius. We also send in Full Container Loads of produce to meet the Cruise vessels in these ports. In South Africa, our main ports of loading are Durban, Richards Bay, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

We understand
The quality of products and levels of service must remain consistently high and unfaltering. Our unblemished track record is a testament to the fact that we have mastered this niche to meet that high demand, which has become the benchmark we have set amongst our competitors and the ship chandelling market.

Our qualified personnel regularly service many of the world’s most celebrated Cruise Liners and Companies. To name just a few: QE2, QM2, The World, Seven Seas, Princess Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Norwegian Lines, Saga Shipping, MSC Cruises, Holland American Lines, and so many more.

Cruise Liners & Export Service Executive Manager

And co-ordinator: M. Joannou-Fernandes