About Us

Qualified Drivers

We Look After People, So Vessels Sail Smoothly.

Accessibility, availability and reliability is everything.
As the largest ship supplier in South African waters, with branches across all four major ports including on demand ports, let us greet you when you arrive.

We consistently meet our customers’ requirements from technical, deck, engine, cabin to bonded and provision stores!

Buying power, infrastructure and expertise – our turnaround is unmatched, prices are accurate with no hidden fees and our deliveries are always made with time to spare. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that we take care of the rest, so that they can do what they do best.

Our Vision

The pride, attitude and commitment of our team has made us the best employer in the South African Ship Supply industry. Never complacent, we continually strive to raise the bar of standards - with training, monitoring and controls in place that develop our staff and ensure sustainable growth. As a result of the systems, procedures and long-term relationships we have developed in over 80 years, we can successfully meet 100% of the needs of all vessels calling our ports. Fusing a strategic business mind-set with our passionate approach, we have built a reputation for dedicated, reliable and cost effective service delivery.

Our Mission

  • To make a measurable contribution to the shipping industry, evaluated against established benchmarks
  • To learn and empower ourselves and strive for excellence, and efficiency in quality and service
  • To provide clear and efficient communication
  • To consistently satisfy 100% of our customers’ needs
  • To remain accountable for and sustain mutually, beneficial relationships with all our customers, suppliers, staff, and government bodies; being always conscience of any social and environmental impacts

Should you wish to see our IMS Policy manual please click on the following link : Download IMS Policy manual

Our Organizational Culture

This is our ethos, the how we do what we do!


Consistent and precise deliverance of our duties, ensures that we have completed the relevant and thorough quality checks throughout the process.


We conduct our duties with speed and organization, using effective communication to ensure success in achieving our goals.

Customer Satisfaction

We take the necessary steps and measures to ensure we fully understand our customers’ needs, to ultimately guarantee their complete satisfaction.


We are loyal and dedicated to our colleagues and customers. We are committed to having a good attitude and working hard to achieve the company’s vision until we succeed.


We effectively use the knowledge and resources available to us, to conduct ourselves in a competent and courteous manner. We perform all our daily tasks and duties with a high level of excellence, going above and beyond basic requirements, to uphold the company’s vision.

Team Work

We are team players and we do whatever it takes to achieve team goals. We focus on solutions, not problems. We are fully cooperative in our work and able to change, if what we are doing is not working. We ask for help when we need it and we are considerate to others.


We value our credibility and what we promise is what we deliver. We are always reliable and only make agreements that we are willing and intend to keep.


We treat others the same way we expect to be treated, with respect and integrity, and we are considerate to our colleagues’ differences.


We take full accountability for all our actions, conscious of the outcomes, and take full ownership of everything that takes place in our work.


We are always timeous with our duties and tasks.

"Experience, strong leadership, personal customer relations, knowledge of each customer’s needs and expectations, established infrastructure, branch locations across South Africa, ability to source any product at competitive prices and specialized value added services… is what sets National Ship Chandlers apart."

John M Joannou

Our Executive Team

Savvas Stylianou


Andro Stylianou

Managing Director

Michael Joannou

Managing Director

Benny Mungray

Financial Director

Our Timeline

Over 80 Years of Ship Chandlery Excellence.


Hans Sorvaag, a Norwegian immigrant, established National Ship Chandlers; a company dedicated to supplying ships with general wholesale merchandise.


After 35 years supplying superlative service and products within the industry, and as a result of the amalgamation of two Scandinavian ship chandlers, the Durban branch was opened to cater for what was now a rapidly expanding business.


National Ship Chandlers’ 3rd branch in Richards Bay was opened, creating the opportunity and ability to supply ships in neighbouring ports, such as Sodwana Bay.


Head office was relocated to Durban, where new owners raised the bar of standards and goals in the hope of becoming one of South Africa’s largest ship supply companies, with the capacity to compete internationally.


The Port Elizabeth Branch was opened – A true testament to the fact that the company continues to grow from strength to strength. National Ship Chandlers officially covers the entire South-Eastern coast of South Africa.


We obtained our ISO certification in September 2017. We remain the only Supplier in South Africa certified across the three standard: 9001 (Quality); 14001 (Environmental) & 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety.


This year we acquired a larger facility in Durban, which meant larger stores greater capacity.


Our PE branch moved from a 960 square meter premises to an impressive 3,500 square meter facility. In this year we also launched our bespoke ERP software in our PE branch.


We acquired PPECB approval for our Cape Town branch.


After great success at the PE branch, all our branches started using the ERP software. Streamlining and revolutionizing the way that we do our business.


National Ship Chandlers is the largest ship supplier in South Africa. It is also the only ship chandler with resident branches in the four strategically situated South Africa ports of call: Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban (Head office), and Richards Bay.

Our Branches

Durban (HO)

438 Sydney Rd, Congella,
Durban, 4001
Tel: +27 31 205 4221
Email: natship@natship.net

Cape Town

16 Auckland Street, Paarden Eiland,
Cape Town, 7045
Tel:+27 21 511 8922/3/4
Email: natshipcape@natship.net

Port Elizabeth

29 Kiel Street, Coega IDZ,
Port Elizabeth, 6100
Tel: +27 41 484 7633/4
Email: natshippe@natship.net

Richards Bay

17 Alumina Alee, Alton,
Richards Bay, 3900
Tel: +27 35 797 3511/2
Email: natshiprb@natship.net