All hands on deck, we make it happen.

Each vessel and every customer is unique and has their own specific needs.
That is why we have developed specialized divisions that are designed to cater for these individual requirements under one holistic and cohesive offering. Tailor made solutions, fast turnaround, quality offering. In accordance with the rules of ISO9001 (2015), National Ship Chandlers’ Management and staff, facilitated by our Quality Planning and Operations Division, are committed to customer satisfaction and exceeding customer needs and expectations worldwide. Our Cape Town branch also proudly holds a PPECB certification.

Due to the size of our infrastructure and specialized divisions, we have an unsurpassed scale we can perform at. Currently we are providing for up to 480+ vessels per month and importing 250+ containers per year. We take care of provision and technical needs. Whether a vessel is in need of specialized parts, stopping over and in need of topping or requires up to 3 months quarterly storing, NSC is the one stop shop that does it all and does it well.

Logistical Supply Division

This division is the core of our business. Our comprehensive infrastructure, including expansive dry stores, vast refrigeration space, and vast fleet of delivery vehicles (including NSC hybrid trucks), sets us apart from our competitors. Not only do we supply vessels calling the four major ports of South Africa, we have the capacity to deliver all marine stores via air or sea freight to meet the vessels around Africa, given a minimum of a 4 week lead time.

In-House Clearing & Forwarding Division

We boast a fully equipped in-house clearing and forwarding division that facilitates the swift and efficient clearing of all shipments, deliveries to ships, imports, exports and the logistical freighting of ships’ spares around the world.

Procurement & Sourcing Division

Our procurement and sourcing division's main focus is on the import and export of various products worldwide – from technical items, foodstuffs, chilled and frozen perishables, there is no limit what we can handle.

The sheer volume and scale of NSC gives us our competitive edge. Buying power and direct manufacturer sourcing, means volume and in turn competitive pricing. Our technically minded team is able to negotiate collective group buying by taking into account, embedded procurement structures and frameworks. Technical specs and grading are skills that requires expertise. Our long standing relationships, expertise and dedicated team can source any item from any category and do this in record time. We import close to 250 containers a year, including a variety of products.

Cruise Liner Division

What truly distinguishes us from other ship suppliers is our unique cruise liners’ service division, which has been running successfully for over 20 years. It is committed to sourcing and supplying specialized products that fulfill the very unique needs of luxury passenger liners. It is vital that we appease the sophisticated palate of your guests, and cater for the international flavor that is themed on-board. Our Cape Town branch proudly holds the PPECB certification. Equipped with the vital knowledge and resources we have obtained through our 80+ years in the ship supply industry, our employees have always been committed to sourcing the best quality products/provisions quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Our qualified personnel regularly service many of the world’s most celebrated Cruise Liners and Companies. To name just a few: QE2, QM2, The World, Seven Seas, Princess Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Norwegian Lines, Saga Shipping, MSC Cruises, Holland American Lines, and so many more.