Quality, Capacity, Innovation

We know that our customers need volume and with an unrivaled capacity of dry stores warehousing, reefer space and an dedicated fleet of cars and trucks across all four ports, we boast the largest, most comprehensive infrastructure of all ship chandlers in South Africa.


More space means more quantity and capacity. Pioneering innovative solutions, that have been adopted by other suppliers, is a clear indicator that our forward thinking, mindfulness and dedication to customer experience sets the benchmark.

We understand the demands of life at sea; technical must-haves and creature comforts. We know that fresh produce is on top of every vessel’s priority list before leaving port, this is why we have the space, because receiving locally sourced, fresh produce every day is on top of our list.

Mitigating risk for our customers is a passion point for us. Building relationships with launch companies, and by doing so coming up with a unique packaging solution, is one example of how we have done this. This forward thinking concept, developed by NSC, simply means that we receive the 1ton packing bags, pack all produce on our premises, conduct a 4 seal checking process to ensure quality control, so that launch operators can focus on what they do best. This simple on-premises packing solution that has been developed, cuts 3 hours of offloading time, to 26 minutes. 


Not only are our customers happy with this innovation, we have also cut their costs associated with loading time. This means quicker loading turnaround, which has assisted launch operators to increase their capacity so they can do more launches in a day.

One small change can make a huge financial Impact

expansive Stores

Every client wants a seamless logistical experience, especially when ordering and receiving all the essential components that make a smooth voyage possible.


With resident branches in all four ports in South Africa, including bonded, cabin, deck and engine, dry and provision stores, our offering and service is unrivaled.


We stock the largest variety of provisions to ensure our customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to all their favorite personal products, local cuisines as well as food and beverages.


With over 80 years in the business, we understand the type of scenarios that could keep vessels docking for much longer than planned, this is why we also keep stock of a large variety of specialized deck and engine and cabin parts to cut out unnecessary lead times associated with sourcing and delivery.

Vast Refrigeration Space

We believe fresh produce should be sourced locally to ensure quality and freshness at all times. Our cut-above-the-rest and long standing relationship with local suppliers and farmers makes us excellent customers; coupled with our in-house procurement division, this ensures that we can offer our customers the best of the best.


A variety of NSC quality checked and assured produce is received on a daily basis. Our expansive reefer storage space, including refrigerated and split units, makes this level of quality possible in bulk and readily available to be transported in our specialized hybrid NSC vehicles to our customers in close proximity to port.


Our Cape Town branch boasts a PPECB certification as well as a new extra capacity reefer storage space.

A Dedicated fleet of Delivery vehicles

Fast and Secure Delivery

NSC boasts a dedicated fleet of vehicles with dedicated routes, to ensure fast, safe and secure delivery of goods to our customers.

Risk Management

Understanding the various logistical needs of our customers has inspired us to formulate unique solutions with great risk management outcomes.

Full Quality Control

All the transport of our deliveries are made by our dedicated fleet of cars and trucks. That means we cut out the middleman and we are in full quality control.

Secure Transport

Unique to National Ship Chandlers, is our very own hybrid trucks, custom designed vehicles that keeps fresh produce, refrigerated and dry goods secure during transport. This design is just another example of a unique NSC solution, inspired by our customers’ logistical needs.

Temperature Controlled and Space Saving

Not only are these trucks a temperature controlled and space saving solution but also an open truck with a secure cover, ideal for offloading onto vessels with crane upliftment. A roller system also rolls the pallets out the back of the truck to make it simple to be pitched up and placed on the vessel.